Funding for Housing. Housing and Residential Aids Tool Kit. 27, 2018 august

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Funding for Housing. Housing and Residential Aids Tool Kit. 27, 2018 august

When family members has considered the kind of housing they’ve been preparing, they must next start thinking about exactly just how it’s going to be funded. You can find range choices:

Agency?Owned Housing

Provider agencies have and operate housing this is certainly associated with support that is specific. The Autism Speaks site Guide will allow you to find domestic companies in your town. Agencies may have a number of housing models, therefore calling them to go over choices and accessibility is important to decision?making.

When working with a company, families and/or people should ask:

  • Which type of housing models do you really provide?
  • The length of time are you supplying services that are residential?
  • Which kind of training does your staff get to work alongside a grown-up with autism?
  • Exactly What standard of help does the staff offer to your grownups with autism? Is support available around the clock?
  • Could I talk to other families being making use of your solution?
  • Just how do the residents spend their time throughout the day as well as on weekends?
  • Just How near may be the community that is local how frequently would you access community resources?
  • Whom provides transport throughout the week as well as on weekends?
  • Just exactly just How near are hospitals?
  • What’s done in an and/or behavioral emergency that is medical? (بیشتر…)