Hookup Panic: No, Everyday Intercourse Doesn’t Lead to Rape

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Hookup Panic: No, Everyday Intercourse Doesn’t Lead to Rape

Antiquated tips about ladies’ sexuality are really damaging. However it is a lot more harmful to do something as though intimate attack and rape would be the cost ladies pay money for freedom and freedom that is sexual.

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“Hookup culture” is definitely an umbrella term—a obscure number of habits related to today’s young adults and exactly how they elect to approach intercourse, relationship, relationships, and life that is social. Therefore, “hookup panic” can be a collection that is equally vague of about said mystical young adults. The confused, moralistic judgement around hookup panic is on complete display in a recently available brand New York instances design column called “Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game, Too,” by Kate Taylor. Taylor sets off to explore women’s part in “propelling” hookup culture, telling the tales of university students that are too busy for relationships or centered on professions, and countering all of them with the typical concerns—think about marriage? Infants? Romantic fulfillment?—that therefore often come with narratives of separate ladies. However the piece also conflates intimate attack and rape with hookup tradition, suggesting that the tradition itself produces, or plays a part in, men’s disregard for obtaining permission.

The Times piece buys into one of many fundamental concepts of “hookup culture,” the assumption that, as Taylor writes, “traditional dating in university has mostly gone the way in which associated with the landline, changed by ‘hooking up’ — a term that is ambiguous can represent anything from making down to dental intercourse to sex — with no psychological entanglement of a relationship.”